It seems we need a bit more practice with meter and scansion, so I’ve adjusted the assignments to allow for that. You still have the listening–both the Chant and Troubadour/Trouvére playlists–and a brief response for that. But instead of the reading, we’ll have more scansion of the meter.

So here are your assignments for Friday, January 27. (You’ll need a Spotify account to get to the listening.)

  1. Listen to the playlists, and see the listening guides for the Chant and Troubadour/Trouvére music.
  2. Choose three songs from one of these playlists (the Chant playlist only has three) and write a few sentences that describe how the three songs you chose sound different from one another. (This is less-familiar music, and so it takes some extra listening and practice to figure how how to talk about and differentiate it.)
  3. Practice scansion with this assignment, Scansion Practice, and bring it to class. The video below may be helpful. Also, here is the performance of “Alexander Hamilton” from Hamilton the musical. The first 33 seconds may be helpful for the final example in the scansion assignment.

(If you have time, look over the first 12 pages of the booklet on music rudiments.)