You’ll need to balance your time in preparing for class on Feb. 7 as you’ll need to

  1. Prepare for the test on rudiments of poetry and music. Review concepts and terms here: Rudiments Test Review. You can try practice questions here Lyric and Lyrics test practice, and you can check your answers to those questions here Lyric and Lyrics test practice w/ answers.
  2. Read chapter 5 of Jonathan Culler on literary theory, “Rhetoric, Poetics, and Poetry” (pp. 69-81)
  3. Read the introduction to Petrarch (pp. 164-67)
  4. Read the first three poems of Petrarch’s Rime Sparse
  5. Skim the “Four Analogues between Poetic and Musical Technique” from Unsuspected Eloquence by James Anderson Winn (pp. 140-49).

All the readings are linked below and on the reading page. Note that you don’t need to read the Winn as carefully as the rest (although you’re welcome to, of course), but you should go through the numbered list of the four analogs he discusses and get a sense for them.

The listening that was on the calendar for Feb. 7 has been moved to Feb. 10.

Culler, Very Short Intro to Literary Theory ch 4-5 1997

Norton Introduction to Petrarch

Petrarch Selections

Winn, Unsuspected Eloquence, poetry & music in Ren