For class on Friday, read use this file for your reading: Wyatt from Norton

Read the biographical information on Wyatt starting at the bottom of p. 592 to the top of p. 594. Then read (and, if you like, listen via the hyperlinks) the following poems:

(These two above are both translations of Petrarch’s Rima 140, the first by Thomas Wyatt and the second by his friend Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.)

  • Whoso list to hunt, p. 595 (Wyatt’s translation of Rima 190)
  • I find no peace, p. 596 (Wyatt’s translation of Rima 134)
  • My galley, p. 597 (Wyatt’s translation of Rima 189)
  • They flee from me, p. 599
  • The Lover Showeth How He Is Forsaken of Such as He Sometime Enjoyed, p. 600 (Another version of “They flee from me”)
  • My lute, awake!, p. 600-601
  • Blame not my lute, p. 602-603

Pick one poem that you especially like, and be ready to point to details or passages of the poem to tell why. You may also want to compare these with other translations of Petrarch, some of which are on the same page as these listed poems, or you can consult this online collection.

As for music, listen to these two examples of lute music, a common instrument of this time that would only grow in popularity and which Wyatt refers to in the final two poems.