Please read this overview of Donne’s life and this introduction to his poetry: Donne Introduction. You only need to read the last six pages or so of this introduction, starting after the second set of asterisks– * * *. Focus especially on the parts that discuss the poems that are assigned.

In addition to the overview and introduction, you should also carefully read the following poems: Holy Sonnets (or Divine Meditations) I, V, VII, X, XIV, Hymn to God, My God, in My Sickness, A Hymn to God the Father, Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward. Donne’s poetry is thick, as we’ve already seen, so leave yourself time to read them slowly.

Donne Religious Poetry

As you read the poems, think about, find, and write the following:

  1. Write your thoughts on two formal aspects of the poems. This includes anything about the poems’ form such as its meter, rhyme (internal rhyme, end rhyme, rhyme scheme, etc.), alliteration, etc. Say why you chose the formal aspects that you chose and how they work in the poem.
  2. Write a question for the poems, like the questions you write for your aural logs.