We’ll read two country house poems for this class that pair well together. Country house poems are longer than most of the lyrics we have read so far, so you’ll still need to get a headstart on these. Read Amelia Lanyer’s introduction (Lanyer is an interesting figure) and the poem “To Cooke-ham” and Ben Jonson’s “To Penshurst.” Cookham and Penshurst were the names of the country estates described in these poems. It’s not clear which of these two poems was written first, but Lanyer’s was published first. As the introduction to Amelia Lanyer says, it can be useful to see what these two poems imply about gender and gendered ideas of social order. Try to keep that in mind as you read.

N. B. Andrew Marvell’s extensive country house poem “To Appleton House” is also in this file, but you are not required to read it. You can just read the first two (13 pages).

Country House Poems

Remember that your creative assignment is also due in class on April 21. Please let me know if you have any questions.