Lyric and Lyrics

English Poetry and Music from Medievals to Milton


Welcome to Lyric and Lyrics: English Poetry and Music from Medievals to Milton. My name is Sharon Harris, and I’ll be your instructor. I hold degrees in music and humanities and am finishing a PhD in early modern English literature. Prior to the PhD I worked professionally as a musician, arts administrator, and editor of academic journals.

In this course we will cover the rudiments of both poetry and music in order to be conversant as we discuss them (no prior musical experience is required). We will also study the historical and cultural contexts of both poetry and music in early English literature, and in so doing, we will discuss the challenges and biases that arise when we designate musical media as literary and vice versa. In addition to examining the media of poetry and music, we will also think about what goes into interpreting them. This is a course on close reading and close listening, observation and extrapolation, history and art, poetics and hermeneutics.

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